Slasher Chick

Just Jilli, Ripped Denim,  Women's Fashion, ripped denim trend, UNIF peach pit skinnies Ripped denim is this week’s feature trend. I love that it adds instant cool to almost any outfit. But there’s definitely something inherently grunge-y about this trend. So if that messy look just isn’t your thing, I’m here to show you that ripped denim can still look chic. Simply Continue reading


What to Wear to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Outfits, Women's Fashion, Women's Fashion 2014, Fashion Trends,With (American) Thanksgiving only two days away, I wanted the theme of today’s post to be ‘what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!’ This holiday certainly isn’t about fashion, and looking cute probably isn’t your top priority. But, let’s face it, with all of the photo ops that will inevitably occur, it’s not a crime to want to look good. Now let’s get down to business… The perfect Thanksgiving outfit needs to be two things: Continue reading

Street Style: Denim Cutoffs + Statement Belt

Luv AJ Lennon Belt, Just Jilli, You can never go wrong with jeans and a white tee, and/or any variation of this classic combination. I would definitely consider it my uniform of sorts; an easy go-to whenever I’m in a rush, and staring into a ‘closet of clothes with nothing to wear!’ (We’ve all been there). But as much as I love this simple outfit, it can also be a little dull, and that’s where Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Costume 2014, Easy Halloween Costume Ideas,  Happy Halloween everyone! This year I’m going as a Ginger Spice – I always wanted to be a Spice Girl when I grew up, and now that dream has become reality! Since everything 90’s is new again, this nostalgic costume also happens to feel on-trend. What did you decide to go as for Halloween this year?