Street Style: Beach Coverup + Beachy Jewels

Beach Style, Just Jilli, Vanessa Lianne JewelryAs I previously mentioned, I was just on a little vacation in Maui this past week (yay!) so, having been inspired by that, today’s street style is really more of a ‘beach style.’ Whenever I’m going on a tropical vacation (ie: bathing suit weather) I always make sure to pack a good assortment of cover-ups. In the world of fashion they’re fairly underrated, but honestly, they can be a real life saver! For one thing, you never know what kind of photo op you might venture into on or around the beach, and you’ll be thankful you looked cute in all those photos! Plus, they keep you protected from the elements and feeling comfortable because, hello, hanging around in a bathing suit isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. I completed my beachy look with some wrap bracelets, and a whole lot of Vanessa Lianne jewelry (check it out! –


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