Channeling Wednesday Addams

UNIF Doll Dress, Easy Halloween Costume Ideas, Halloween Costumes, Wednesday Addams Costume, Office-Appropriate Halloween CostumesHalloween is one of my favorite holidays! I think that’s because it’s the only time of year when girls can dress up like sluts and still be taken seriously… Kidding! The real reason I love Halloween so much is because it’s managed to stay almost as fun in adulthood as it was when I was a kid. Every year I look forward to planning out a fun costume or two, but sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge thinking of something to wear to work; it needs to be something that will be comfortable to wear all day (cheap polyester, no thanks!) and dress-code appropriate (no slutty pumpkins at the office, please!), without being totally lame or uninspired. Well, I think this Wednesday Addams costume covers all these bases! All you really need to make this no-fuss costume work is a black dress with white collar, and braided pigtails. (You could also wear a white collared shirt under a black dress, and I think that a black skirt, and white collar under black crew neck would also do the trick). I chose to personalize my costume a little with knee highs and dark lips, which helps it feel a little more adult, and a little more 2014.


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