November Highlight Reel

Wow, can it actually be the end of November already?! Where did this month go? I know it’s a cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun! And fun this month was, the definite highlight being our weeklong trip to Maui. Needless to say, this month’s highlight reel is absolutely dominated by photos from that trip…

Molokini, Maui, Underwater PhotographyOne of the most memorable parts of our vacation was a snorkeling trip we took to Molokini Crater, a marine sanctuary a few miles off shore. It’s the perfect spot for snorkeling because the water there is clear as glass, and home to a reef full of marine life

Hawaii Hike, Hike, Land to Sea, Another highlight of the trip was a hike with all of the cousins. Some were more adventurous than others, but everyone still had fun

Lilikoi, Guava, Passionfruit Snack, Passionfruit, food in Hawaii, Vacation Food, FoodpornTropical fruit on a tropical vacation is an absolute must. We got this delicious little treat of papaya and lilikoi (that’s what they call passion fruit in Hawaii) at a cute little fruit stand on the side of the road, and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin PieHappy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! I’m fairly new to American Thanksgiving myself, but that only makes it feel all the more special. I love that Thanksgiving brings family together, and I’d never turn down an excuse to stop and think about what I’m grateful for. This year, that list includes:

  • YOU my readers! Knowing that I have loyal readers visiting my blog inspires me to work harder and make it the best that it can possibly be. Your comments seriously make my day! So thank you!
  • My Canadian family. Even though I don’t get to see you as often as I would like, I love you so much, and miss you, especially at this time of year when everybody else is spending the holiday with their family (even though you don’t technically celebrate it). You’re love and support mean everything to me.
  • Max, Sonny and Stevie. You guys are my world. Thank you for making every day so special.
  • My life in California – I am constantly pinching myself, hoping it’s not a dream. Getting to live in this amazing place is something that I’m always grateful for, but today seems as good as any to actually put it into writing.

What to Wear to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Outfits, Women's Fashion, Women's Fashion 2014, Fashion Trends,With (American) Thanksgiving only two days away, I wanted the theme of today’s post to be ‘what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!’ This holiday certainly isn’t about fashion, and looking cute probably isn’t your top priority. But, let’s face it, with all of the photo ops that will inevitably occur, it’s not a crime to want to look good. Now let’s get down to business… The perfect Thanksgiving outfit needs to be two things: Continue reading

Trend Report: Asymmetrical Hems

Asymmetric Hem, Women's Fashion, Women's Fashion Trends, SS15 Fashion Trends, SS15 Runway Trends, Tanya Taylor SS15, Rodarte SS15, Opening Ceremony SS15, Jean-Pierre Braganza SS15, MqQ Alexander McQueen SS15Asymmetry took many different shapes and forms on the SS15 runways. In fact, this is a trend that’s only continued to gain momentum in recent seasons, often manifesting itself in the form of skirts and dresses. I associate this tendency towards the asymmetric with the evolution of the high-low, which has been done six ways to Sunday in seasons past. But when it comes to this trend, one thing is for sure: incorporating some asymmetry into your fall wardrobe is an easy way to modernize your look without having to sacrifice your own personal style!

Street Style: Denim Cutoffs + Statement Belt

Luv AJ Lennon Belt, Just Jilli, You can never go wrong with jeans and a white tee, and/or any variation of this classic combination. I would definitely consider it my uniform of sorts; an easy go-to whenever I’m in a rush, and staring into a ‘closet of clothes with nothing to wear!’ (We’ve all been there). But as much as I love this simple outfit, it can also be a little dull, and that’s where Continue reading

Current Obsessions

faux septum ring, accessoires trends,

Septum rings are one of those polarizing fashion statements that people seem to either love or hate. I happen to fall into the first category, which is why I was so excited to find this fun little accessory at the Melrose Trading Post a few weekends ago. Mine’s faux, which means I get the look without the pain of a real piercing…not such a badass after all. But seriously, septums are a really fun easy way to update your look this fall! Continue reading