Spicy Skinny Girl Margarita Cocktail

Skinny Girl Cocktail, Spicy Margarita, Easy Cocktail Recipe, Skinny Girl modifications

In honor of Foodie Friday, here’s a super quick and easy spicy cocktail recipe using Skinny Girl Margarita as it’s base! In under 5 minutes you can Continue reading


The Best Purple Lipstick for Fall

Limecrime, Airborne Unicorn, Lipstick ReviewAs I mentioned last week, purple lipstick is a huge trend in makeup right now. My personal favorite is Airborne Unicorn by Lime Crime, a shade of medium purple with hints of neon, aptly described as ‘mysterious as the animal itself.’ And though I’m not usually one to experiment with makeup trends, nor do I regularly wear any color of lipstick other than nude, when I first discovered this lippy, I just knew Continue reading

Trend Report: Denim Jogger

Trend Report: Denim Jogger

Denim is having a huge revival at the moment, and the fabric is cropping up in unexpected places. Today’s post is all about the denim jogger, which I also happened to sport in yesterday’s outfit post. Joggers in denim and denim-like fabrics are certainly becoming a trend, with some of the biggest names in denim, like Rag & Bone, supporting it. I’ve always thought that Continue reading