Trend Report: Denim Jogger

Trend Report: Denim Jogger

Denim is having a huge revival at the moment, and the fabric is cropping up in unexpected places. Today’s post is all about the denim jogger, which I also happened to sport in yesterday’s outfit post. Joggers in denim and denim-like fabrics are certainly becoming a trend, with some of the biggest names in denim, like Rag & Bone, supporting it. I’ve always thought that comfortable trends seem to have the most staying power, the existence of this category supports that, and I think it’s because fashionistas are faster to adopt trends that involve comfort. But don’t get too cozy: even though I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, I think it’s so important to stress that because sweatpants are inherently unsexy, the key to successfully sporting this trend is to pair with some sort of heal. Trust me on this – joggers and heels are like peanut butter and jelly, they’re just better when they’re together.


P.S. Can you spot the pair that I wore in yesterday’s post?



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