SS15 runway trends, kimono trend, fall 2014 fashion trends, Designers across the board, from Gucci to KTZ to Clover Canyon, were incorporating kimonos and kimono styling into their SS15 runway collections. This fits really well into the big picture of what is going on in fashion right now – after all, the kimono is basically just a more feminine, boho version of the duster jacket, which has also seen a rise in popularity on the streets and runways this season. And the kimono sleeve is all part of a general shift towards wider/looser silhouettes that has been seen in multiple categories, including tops (and bottoms). Well, there’s no need to wait until spring to start rocking this trend; because the kimono is essentially a long sweater, it can easily be incorporated into fall wardrobes as well… Come back tomorrow and you’ll see what I mean! As for kimono styling? You don’t have to get too literal – wide sleeves and/or belting will do the trick.




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