My Street Style: Flares + Cut-In Tank

Fall 2014 Outfit, Flatforms, Nyx Transylvania, Dark Lipstick, Goth Fashion, Fall 2014 FashionThere’s something about this time of year, probably just its proximity to Halloween, that gets me feeling all witchy inside. For example: exactly this time last year I got the urge to dye my hair purple ( and buy Demonia boots ( – I know, not the most practical purchase, but they still make me smile when I see them in my closet, so that’s gotta count for something, right? Well, this year my inner Goth child told me to get a (temporary) septum ring and dark purple lipstick. And my look took a decidedly darker direction when I combined these two things (septum + dark lips) and wore them with my new favorite flares and a cut-in graphic tank. (BTW, I am really feeling flared leggings and cut-in tanks right now, it’s all I seem to feel like wearing of late). I wore this outfit to the Chvrches concert at Hollywood Palladium last Friday night, which was our last big hurrah in Hollywood before the big move. (In case you missed it, I’m moving to San Diego TODAY!)

Fun fact: I actually helped design the top, and it’s one of my very favorite pieces of clothing right now! You can’t really see the hieroglyphic-type symbols down the front, but don’t fret, because I’m sure I’ll feature it in an actual outfit post soon enough.



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