My Street Style: Silk Dress + Popsicle

yellow dress,  I know everyone is all about that fall fashion lately, but honestly, with the heat wave we’ve been experiencing in LA this week, fall is the last thing on my mind! (First thing on my mind – trying not to drown in a pool of my own sweat!) With temperatures in the 100’s (that’s high 30’s in Celsius) the only sensible thing to wear this week has been this silk baby doll dress – breathable fabric + airy silhouette = heat wave approved. Then I paired with the best accessory I could possibly think of, a cold popsicle! (See below for the ‘recipe’).

P.S. I know that many of you are probably cursing me whilst staring into your snow covered backyards right about now (can anyone say Calgary?), but don’t hate me because I live in LA! I’ve definitely had my fair share of cold growing up in frigid Edmonton, Alberta, one of the coldest places on earth!

popsicle, chile lime popsicle recipe, Moving to LA has meant embracing the culinary influences of Mexico that abound. In fact, I might even say that easy access to amazing Mexican food is one of the major perks of living here. Anyways, one of my favorite snacks is mango covered in Chile and lime that’s sold on the street all over the place. In fact, I love this flavor combination so much that it’s gotten to the point where mango wouldn’t be incomplete without the accompanying taste of chile on my palate.

Now for the recipe:

Super simple! – the real challenge is trying to eat it before it melts!


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