How To Mix Your Own Nail Polish Color

Fun  Manicure Ideas, DIY nail project, unique nail polish color, fun nail colorLast Monday I talked about how I only ever wear dark nail polish these days. Which lead to this week’s post, an experiment in make-your-own polish, and an attempt to get myself out of what some might consider a nail polish rut. (#firstworldproblems) So I went rummaging through my cavernous box of nail polish attempting to bait my inner fashionista into trying something new. But nothing really jumped out at her/me, which was when an idea started to form… why not create my own color? I saw a bottle of dark grey polish and a bottle of white, and got the idea to mix them together with a bit of purple in pursuit of a violet grey color I’d seen on recent runways. And I did it in the lid of an old water bottle, because, well, why not? I ended up really liking the results, and so I’m definitely going to be experimenting more with this in the future! I think anyone who’s ever bought nail polish has old bottles kicking around that they don’t really wear anymore; so why not try mixing some of them together and creating something entirely new? The most you have to lose is a water bottle cap full of old nail polish! If you do try this at home, I’d love to hear about it!

DIY nail polish instructions, how to mix nail polish

P.S. Here’s a little trick I use to prolong my mani by at least a week: I simply apply a new layer of top coat each night before bed, let it dry, and then my nails look totally fresh in the morning.


10 thoughts on “How To Mix Your Own Nail Polish Color

  1. I love this article! I made my own polish once and I agree, it was super satisfying to be able to make your own color instead of just using the same old ones we already have. Your color turned out so gorgeously – I want a bottle!! ❤ maeve

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