TREND REPORT: Lingerie Styling

Fashion Trends, Fall 2014 Women's Fashion, Slip Dress Fashion, lingerie dressing There’s been a migratory pattern in fashion of late, that is, underwear have slowly made their way ‘outside the pants’ and into society. And with all the sheer fabrics and uber cute bralettes floating around, it’s really no wonder why it’s become socially acceptable to wear underwear as outerwear. One of my favorite manifestations of this trend has got to be the slip dress/romper. I’ve curated some of my tops picks above, many of which also happened to go on sale after Labor Day! (I got your back). And if shopping summer merchandise for your fall wardrobe seems counterintuitive, rest assured that each of these pieces could easily be incorporated into your autumn look; just add a duster, tights or knee high socks, combat boots, and maybe even a heavier jacket if you live in a colder climate. To be honest, I actually prefer this layered look its barer summer counterpart – it’s much more wearable this way!


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