My Favorite Nail Color Right Now

DIY Manicure tips and tricks, Essie Devil's Advocate Lately my nails and toes have been feeling slightly emo, they only want to wear near-black polish – and shop at Hot Topic. Ha! But seriously, I just keep going back for more of Essie’s ‘Devil’s Advocate.’ It’s a deep plum nearing on black, though a definite warmth comes through from the purple. And it’s managed to satisfy my dark polish cravings all summer, which is something to be said for a person who’s not usually this monogamous when it comes to her polish.

I will offer one word of advice when it comes to Essie: I find their polish to be a little on the thin side. I’ve discovered the key to making this polish work for me is applying it in 3 coats, rather than 2, and then adding a layer of good top coat at the end for a nice shiny finish.

P.S. Here’s a little trick I’ve picked up that really helped make my self-manicure work for me: I paint my nails at night, (at least an hour before bed) not driving myself crazy over getting everything in the lines, thought making sure the application is still even. The nails set as I sleep. And then, the following morning, I just soak my fingers in warm water and the bits that may have landed on the skin next to the nail just peel right off. It’s no salon manicure, but it does the trick.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Nail Color Right Now

  1. I looove dark nail polish. I know what you mean about feeling emo! If people just saw the color closely or in the right light, they will realize it is either dark purple, blue, or green! But yes, that is a gorgeous plum color. xx Bianca

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