The Cold Shoulder

Fashion Trends, Style Advice, Fashion Blogger, Just JilliThere is something so sexy about a flash of skin in an unexpected place, which is why the cold shoulder fashion trend has been steadily rising in popularity. I wore mine with high waisted shorts to try and close the gap between top and bottom (though looking back at the photos, I guess I didn’t try THAT hard). But seriously, with it being September now (!?) and most cities outside of Southern California starting to see temperatures drop, I feel I should also mention that you can still rock this trend while showing a lot less skin; a top or dress with exposed shoulders is still a great piece to transition from late summer to fall… Just substitute pants for shorts (These flares: would be a good choice), or, in the case of a dress, just add booties a cute scarf, maybe even a waist belt, and you’re good to go.

IMG_5931 IMG_5897 IMG_5909 IMG_5887 IMG_5910 IMG_5937


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